Have you ever experienced the headache of why your laptop turns off after a few minutes or the laptop turns on and off immediately even after trying to solve the issue by yourself? No worries we will reveal the common solutions in here, which professionals don’t want you to know.

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why does my laptop turn on then off, how to turn off laptop after certain time, why is my computer turning on and off by itself.

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1. Battery malfunction:-

Most often the laptop turns off immediately due to the battery malfunction. If the battery is degraded and unable to hold the charge even after plugged in, then friends this is the time to replace your laptop’s battery.

2. Power source and socket issue:-

Please check the power source. Also check the incoming power in your home and the socket, where you plug the charging adapter. If you feel the socket may be having some issues, try and plug it in a different wall socket for confirmation.

3. Laptop’s ON/OFF key issue:-

If your laptop’s ON/OFF key/switch is stuck after pressing, you may face the laptop’s immediate power-off issue. Please ensure that the ON/OFF switch is working correctly & if you are unsure, call for a professional help here.

4. Keyboard issue:-

In many newer laptops the ON/OFF switch is mounted on the keyboard. if the Keyboard has developed any short circuit issues, possibilities are there that you may face the laptop’s immediate power-off issue. Please under any circumstances don’t try self repair unless you are an expert.

5. Power supply/ Charging port issues:- 

Power supply unit malfunctions. may also be a reason for your laptop to turn off immediately. It is necessary to check the indicator on the laptop’s power supply unit. If the issue is the same, please change the charging adapter and check. And also do check the charging indicator on the laptop’s DC port. if the indicator is not seen, then maybe this issue would be related to the laptop DC/ Charging port.

Laptop turns on and off immediately, why my laptop is turning on and off, why does my laptop turn on then off, Laptop turns on and off immediately.

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6. Laptop RAM problem:- 

Immediately powering off the laptop with a beep sound, may make it easy to confirm the issue. For example. 3 Beeps generally denote a RAM issue. So in this case you are required to visit the service center and install the RAM. Also, the different count of “Beep sounds” denotes the different errors and issues.

7. Overheating of the laptop:- 

Overheating is one of the most common reasons, for a Laptop to power off. In most cases immediately. If you have serviced your laptop for a long time. this may result in dry thermal paste, dusty motherboard, or blockage of the fan and heat sink. In this case, we need to disassemble the laptop, clean the Motherboard with a brush, remove the heat sink assembly and check the thermal paste. if dried please clean it and apply the new thermal paste. Check for fan movement, if found blockage needs to clean or replace. Assemble the laptop back and now the overheating problem will be sorted out.

8. Hardware malfunction:-

This issue can also occur due to Hardware malfunction. Hardware issue refers to the problem, with the electronic components mounted on the motherboard. for Ex: – Capacitors, Resistors, Diodes, tracks, etc. Any components within the power supply or track malfunction. can lead to immediate power of the laptop. In this case, we need to visit the professional service center, for further diagnosis and analysis. 

9. Software-related issues:-

The software will also play an important role, in laptop power-off issues. but there are significantly fewer chances of software issues. like Bios corruption or Viral Infection. in getting immediate power off your computer. It’s very rare to see such kinds of problems. Please visit the professional service center for troubleshooting and get your issue resolved.

The Conclusion:-

how to turn off laptop after certain time, why is my computer turning on and off by itself, Laptop turns on and off immediately.

Source: Canva

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