What are new features in Windows 10 V1903 or May 2019 update

As we, all know Microsoft announced about the Windows 10 V1903 Update. In our previous article, we have explained how to Download and Install Windows Update Version 1903 in Windows 10 computers. Windows 10 V1903 will be released to the end users in this month. It is already released to the Windows Insider program and if you are a part of it, you can download the V1903 update.

You can also call this Windows 10 V1903 update as a May 2019 update. You can call it because; the update will be available to the end users in the month of May. Being a part of the Windows Insider program, we have installed Windows 10 V1903 or the May 2019 update and thoroughly gone through it. Let us discuss in brief about the new features introduced and old things improved in the Windows V1903.

What are new features in Windows 10 V1903 or May 2019 update?

New features added in Windows 10 V1903 Update listed below.

Pause Windows Updates:

In the Windows 10 V1903 or the later version of the Operating System, you will get an option to pause the updates for 7 days. If you get a news saying a particular update is causing some issues in the computer, you can pause the updates temporarily. It allows you to not allowing them to install in your computer for some time.

As soon as Microsoft sort out the issue with the Update, you can happily install it in your computer.

Separates Windows Search and Cortana:

We came across most of the customers who wish to have Windows Search and Cortana separated. Microsoft has addressed this issue in the V1903. In the latest version, both the Cortana and Windows Search configured independently.

Light Theme in Windows 10 V1903:

If you like personalizing your computer, you have an added advantage of light theme in the latest version. Light theme initially released with the Windows build 18282 and it is quite improved in the Windows build 18323.

Cloud Content Search:

In the settings window in the Permissions & History screen, you will get the Cloud Content Search options. Here you can search your content from cloud services such as OneDrive and Outlook. You can enable or disable the options like Microsoft account or the Work account to display the results like emails, photos, documents and any other files.

Better Font management experience:

It is very easy to install the fonts now. Just drag and drop font files from File Explorer into the Fonts page in the Settings to install them. After installing it, click on the font in the Font page, to view the different font faces associated with the font and all the details of the font.

You can also uninstall the font from this font details page. Drag and drop font installation by default is installed as a per-user font which does not require elevation, hence it will not be available for other users. To install the font for all users in the device, use the “Install for all Users” option by right clicking the font on file explorer.

Recommended Troubleshooting:

This troubleshooting feature will help you to fix the issues as soon as they occur automatically. You will have options like

Fix problems for me without asking.

Tell me when problems get fixed.

Ask me before fixing problems.

This feature initially added in 18305. It will be helpful for smooth functioning of the Windows Operating System.

Other Features or Improvements in Windows 10 V1903 or May 2019 update are:

1. Emoji 12.0 update is included.

2. Introduced Windows Sandbox feature; under which you can run or test apps with an isolated environment. In short, you do not need another clean install to run untrusted software. You can also launch app or scripts with Windows Sandbox feature.

3. Introduced Top Apps feature in separated Windows Search.

4. You can now run Linux files inside File Explorer.

5. Added ability to run Desktop apps in Windows Mixed Reality.

6. You can sign-in with password-less Microsoft accounts.

7. Windows 10 V1903 provides you simplified Start Menu layout.

8. You can now set a default Task Manager Tab.

9. Improvements to File Explorer; such as showing friendly dates, update File Explorer icon, you can drag and drop font files to Settings app directly from File Explorer.

10. Improvements to touch keyboard.

11. Updates to Notepad.

12. Improvements to Narrator and Ease of Access.

13. New updates to Windows Setup experience.

14. Added icons to power options in power menu on Start Menu.

15. Imported setting to synchronize time in Settings app.

16. Improvements to Windows Update notifications

17. Improvements to printing experience.

18. Introduced intelligent Active hours setting.

19. Improvements to Action Center; you can now drag and drop quick actions buttons in Action Center itself.

20. Improvements to high DPI settings.

21. Input and accessibility improvements.

22. Added Enhanced mode to Windows Search for one-time indexing process.

23. You can individually track DPI awareness on per-process basis in Task Manager.

24. Improvements to Japanese IME.

25. Updated disconnected network icon.

26. Configure enhanced settings for network within Settings app, such as adding static IP address.

27. Windows Hello sign-in options are re-designed.

28. You can now manage Amazon Echo using Cortana and vice versa.

29. No change in screen brightness when you connect or remove your battery charge. Windows will remember your screen brightness for this.

30. You will be able to notify which app is using your microphone. You can allow or prevent apps to access microphone as mentioned in this post.

31. Introduced Office app based on Office.com concept.

32. Added ability to remove or uninstall more pre-installed apps.

33. Updates to Settings homepage.

34. Improvements to user interface for Reset this PC.

35. Added ability to reserve disk space for smooth functioning of your system

36. Improvements to Windows Insider program settings page.

37. Improvements to RAW image format support.

38. Improvements to gaming experience.

39. WSL command line improvements.

40. Updates to Console.

This information referred from a Microsoft page. You can take a look using this link.

Hope we have explained in detail about the latest Windows 10 V1903 or the May 2019 update. Once it is released, you can install it and use it without any issues. For any further support, please comments below.

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