Mobile hotspot missing in Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 comes with different features and it makes the user life simple. Mobile hotspot feature is one among those features. Mobile hotspot lets you to share the network data from your computer to other devices like other laptop, mobiles, tablets etc. Some users reported an issue with Mobile hotspot missing in the Settings window.

When you try to enable the Mobile Hotspot of your computer, the option will not be available on your computer. The issue might have occurred after installing some Updates on your computer. As per our research, there are different factors causing this issue.

If you are facing the issue with Mobile Hotspot missing in the Windows settings screen, this guide helps you to fix the issues and get the things work properly.

How to fix Mobile hotspot missing in Windows 10 settings?

Before proceeding with the resolution steps, first we need to make sure, if the system is compatible enough to have the Mobile hotspot feature. Suppose, if you are sure that, Mobile hotspot feature was available before and missing now, you can directly proceed with the resolution steps. If not, you can try these simple steps to confirm the compatibility.

Check if the system has hosted network capability:

To check if the system has hosted network capability, refer the below resolution steps.

  1. Press Windows logo + X keys on your keyboard and select the option Windows PowerShell (Admin).

2. On the elevated PowerShell screen, type the below command and hit enter.

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

You need to observe the hosted network status here. If the status shows like Not available, it means that system does not have the required hardware to host a network. Because of this, the Mobile Hotspot option is missing from the Settings window. If this is the case, you cannot use this device as a Mobile hotspot.

If the hosted network status shows as YES or NOT STARTED, then you can proceed with the further resolution steps.

Modify registry settings to enable Mobile hotspot:

You can refer the below resolution steps to enable the mobile hotspot feature using the System Registry.

Note: Further steps involve the changes in the System Registry. Before proceeding with that, we recommend you to make a backup of System Registry. If something goes wrong during the troubleshooting, you can restore your System Registry.

  1. Press Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to open RUN window. Type regedit and hit enter to open System Registry.

2. On System Registry, navigate to the below location.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Network Connections

3. On the right hand pane, right click your mouse, select New >DWORD Value. Name the DWORD value as NC_ShowSharedAccessUI. This helps to enable or disable the mobile hotspot.

4. Double click on it and set the Value Data to 1 to enable the Mobile hotspot. Likewise, 0 will disable the hotspot.

Go to the Network settings now. You should be able to see the Mobile Hotspot option. If the issue remains, you can try enabling the Mobile Hotspot from Device Manager. To perform the same, refer the below steps.

Enable hotspot from Device Manager to fix Mobile hotspot missing in Windows 10:

To enable mobile hotspot from Device Manager, refer the below steps.

  1. Press Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to open RUN window. Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter to open Device Manager.

2. Expand Network Adapters, right click on Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter and click on Enable Device.

This should help you to enable the Mobile hotspot feature on Windows 10 computers.

Therefore, the above resolution steps helps you to fix the issue with Mobile hotspot missing in Windows 10 settings. If you need any further assistance, do comments below. We are happy to assist you.

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