Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) driver blocks V1903 upgrade

Windows 10 V1903 is the latest update from Microsoft to Windows 10 computers. We have discussed about how to download and install Windows 10 V1903 update in our previous articles. Windows 10 V1903 has different features and it adds more security to your computer data. The update will install automatically when you try installing the updates. Here comes an issue with Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

Sometimes, Windows users facing the issue with Intel Rapid Storage Technology while trying to upgrade to Windows 10 V1903 update. Several users reported the issue, while trying to upgrade the computer to Windows 10 V1903 update, they encounter the below error message.

The error message appears as:

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST)

The inbox storage driver iastora.sys doesn’t work on these systems and causes stability problems on Windows. Check with you software/driver provider for an updated version that runs on this version of Windows.

If you are facing the issue with Windows 10 V1903 upgrade, you can try following the below steps to fix the issue with IRST.

How to fix Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) driver blocks V1903 upgrade?

Follow the below resolution steps to fix the issue with Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver blocks V1903 upgrade.

Upgrade Intel RST driver to install V1903 update:

Microsoft and Intel both are aware of this issue. As per their update, they found incompatibility issues with certain versions of IRST drivers and Windows 10 May 2019 update. As per Microsoft, if your device has an Intel RST driver versions between and installed, it cannot install the Windows 10 V1903 and prompts the above error message.

Windows 10 V1903 update can be installed only on the versions or later. Therefore, to install Windows 10 V1903 on your computer, you need to upgrade the Intel Rapid Storage driver version to or later. Refer the below link to upgrade the IRST to the latest version.

How do I upgrade Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

After upgrading the IRST driver to the latest version, try to install the Windows 10 V1903 update. I hope that it will work fine. If not, you can try uninstalling the IRST driver on your computer. Refer the below steps to perform the same.

Uninstall IRST driver from your computer:

If you are not able to find the IRST upgraded version, you can try removing the IRST driver from your computer.

Note: Before proceeding with the further steps, we recommend you create a System Restore point first. If something goes wrong during the troubleshooting, you can restore your computer back to previous working state.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features.
  2. Select Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and click on Uninstall.

3. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers, locate iastora.sys file and rename it to iastora.sys.old.

4. Reboot your computer now to uninstall the driver completely from your computer.

After reboot, try upgrading the computer to Windows 10 V1903. It should install fine this time. Once after installing the latest Windows 10 V1903 upgrader, you can install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver from the below link.

Install Intel ® Rapid Storage Technology driver.

I hope that the above troubleshooting steps helps you to fix the issue with IRST driver blocks V1903 upgrade. If you need any further assistance, do comments below. We are happy to assist you.

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