How to use Windows Update Troubleshooter in Windows 10


Windows Update Troubleshooter is the Windows 10 inbuilt tool that helps to fix most of the Windows Update errors. While installing the Updates, if you get an error code that starts with 0x8024, the Windows Update Troubleshooter can help to resolve the errors.

What does the Windows Update Troubleshooter do?

Windows Update Troubleshooter perform different kind of tasks. You can get the overview of the same as below.

  • DIAG_WindowsUpdate – Detects problems that may prevent you from keeping your computer up to date.
  • RC_ DataStore – Detects the following potential Windows Update Database errors:
    • 0x80070002
    • 0x8007000D
    • 0x800F081F
    • 0x80073712
    • 0x800736CC
    • 0x800705B9
    • 0x80070246
    • 0x8007370D
    • 0x8007370B
    • 0x8007370A
    • 0x80070057
    • 0x800B0100
    • 0x80092003
    • 0x800B0101
    • 0x8007371B
    • 0x8007371B
    • 0x80070490
    • 0x80070005
    • 0x80072EFD
    • 0x80246008
    • 0x80070570
    • 0x80080005
    • 0x8E5E0147
    • 0x8E5E03FA
    • 0x80248011
    • 0x80070003
  • RC_GENWUError – Detects any unspecified Windows Update errors.
  • RC_APPDATA – Resets the following appdata registry setting:
    • HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\ AppData” is “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming
  • RC_ ResetBits – Resets all bits in the bitset to zero when one or more of the following errors occur:
    • 0x8DDD0018
    • 0x80246008
    • 0x80200013
    • 0x80004015
    • 0x80070003
    • 0x800A0046
    • 0x80200010
  • RC_SignatureCheck – Detects signature issues when error 0x800B0100 occurs.
  • RC_RegisterWUDll – Registers associated .dll files when the following errors appear:
    • 0x800A01AD
    • 0x80070424
  • RC_MSIAppData – Resolves generic Windows Installer errors by changing the following registry key:
    • HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
  • RC__OutputResult – Performs the following tasks:
    • Sets the following registry value to “voicewarmupx”:


    • Obtains the proxy of your operating system.
    • Collects the last installed update.
    • Writes the information to a file (Output.txt).
    • Collects the last displayed error from Winodwsupdate.log.
    • Obtains Windowsupdate.log.
    • Collects culture.
    • Obtains Windowsupdateold.log if applicable.
    • Creates a shortcut of the .txt file on the desktop.
    • Collects workgroup information.
    • Creates a cab file of CheckSUR.log and CheckSUR.Persists.log if present.
    • Collects Windows Update Agent version.
    • It collects operating system version.
    • Collects CPU and operating system architecture.

How to run Windows Update Troubleshooter?

Follow the below systematic procedure to run the Update Troubleshooter and fix the Windows Update issues in your computer.

  1. Download the Update troubleshooter for Windows 10 by clicking on the below link.

Update Troubleshooter for Windows 10

2. Double click on downloaded file to launch the Troubleshooter.

3. Select Windows Update option and click on Next.

4. Troubleshooter starts detecting problems.

5. After few seconds, it will prompt to troubleshoot with Admin permissions.

6. Click the option Try troubleshooting as an administrator.

7. It will again starts detecting problems.

8. If the troubleshooter detect the errors, it will display as below.

9. Select the option Apply this fix.

10. Troubleshooter starts Resolving problems.

11. It will also detects for additional problems and try to resolve them.

12. After detecting all the issues, it prompts for fixing. Click on Apply this fix.

13. It will take a while to fix the detected issues.

14. Once the issues are fixed, it will display all the detected and fixed errors.

15. Reboot your computer now and try installing the Windows Updates. Hopefully it is should work fine.

There are chances that, even after running the Windows update troubleshooter, the updates may still fail. It means there is some more troubleshooting required fixing those errors and installing the Updates in your computer. If you are facing any Windows update errors in your computer, do comments below. We are here to assist you.

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