Fix Gmail Password Prompt on Outlook

It seems Google increasing security levels for its user’s accounts. We have noticed that Outlook on Windows keep on prompting for password (For Gmail accounts). You know very well that the password you are entering that is correct, but still you are unable to login to Outlook on Windows. Thinking Why? Answer is simple as said above Google forcefully recommending to enable 2-Step Verification and App Passwords for login. In this article I will show you how to fix Gmail password prompt on Outlook issue and creating App Passwords for all Google accounts.

Fix Gmail Password Prompt on Outlook

Before you go ahead and configure Gmail account with Outlook email client, decide which type of Outlook configuration is required for you, POP or IMAP. You may need to enable same type on Gmail accounts settings. Let me show you how.

Enable IMAP from Gmail account

To do that login to your Gmail accounts, click on Settings > Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Scroll down and Enable IMAP from IMAP access option.

Fix Gmail Password Prompt on Outlook

Turn On Two Steps Verification.

To enable to step version, click on your profile image > Click Google Account tab > click Security (from left side pane) > Scroll down and click on 2-step verification > Enter your Gmail if asked > Select your phone number xxxxxxxx001 send verification code > Enter the verification code that received on your phone > Click on Verify.

Fix Gmail Password Prompt on Outlook

Create App Passwords for Outlook.

Go back to security option (by click on your Gmail profile picture select My Account) Click on Security from left pane) > Scroll down click on App Passwords > Enter Gmail password if asked >

  • Click on Select App scroll down button, select Mail.
  • Click on Select Device scroll down Select Windows Computer ( or any other device where you are trying to configure email)
  • Click on Generate and copy the 16 digit pass code.
  • Go to Outlook on your Windows computer, enter or paste 16 digit app password when Outlook prompt for it.

Note: Refer this link to configure Gmail account on Outlook.

Fix Gmail Password Prompt on Outlook

That’s it. Hope you are able to fix Gmail password prompt on Outlook issue on your computer.Kindly comment or you can visit WWW.ERRORKART.COM – Call +91 888 458 6666, for further support.


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