Firefox not opening on Windows 10/8.1/8 & 7

Firefox is one of the most used browsers by Windows users. With its regular updates, Firefox keep on improving its visual, security features and competing with top browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. However, Windows users reported an issue, after installing the updates Firefox not opening.

There are several factors causing the issue with Firefox not opening. We found this issue in all the Operating Systems line Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and Windows 7. You may encounter this issue when Firefox is running in the background process or if some of the browsers files got damage or corrupt. As per our research, we have listed all the possible troubleshooting steps to fix the Mozilla Firefox issue on your computer.

If you are facing the issue with Firefox not opening on your computer, this guide helps you to fix the error and let the browser to work properly.

How to fix Firefox not opening on Windows computers?

Follow the below resolution steps one by one and check if the issue gets fix after each troubleshooting step. If the issue remains, you can proceed with the further resolution steps.

Quick Note: During the troubleshooting process, you may need to reset the browser or delete the browser related file. There are chances that, you may lose all the saved bookmarks and passwords. Therefore, before proceeding with the further steps, we suggest you to backup all your bookmarks from the browser and save it on your computer.

Kill Firefox process from Task Manager:

Suppose, if the Firefox process is running in the background, when you try launching browser, it will not open. In this case, first check if there are any Firefox processes running in the process. Refer the below steps to perform the same.

  1. Right click on your Task bar and select the option Task Manager. You can also press and hold the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys to open the Task Manager.

2. Check for the Firefox processes, right click on it and select End Task.

Now, try launching the browser and check if it works fine. If the issue with Firefox not opening remains, you can proceed with the further resolution steps.

Remove unwanted extensions:

If any of the extensions installed in the browser is damage or corrupt, you may encounter the issue with Firefox not opening. Here comes the question now, how to remove the extensions when the browser is not launching. For that, we have a simple trick for you. Refer the below steps and try performing the same.

  1. To manage the extensions on your Firefox browser, we need to try launching the browser in the Safe Mode.
  2. To launch Firefox in safe mode, press and hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and then double click on the Firefox icon. You can see the below pop up. Click on Start in Safe Mode. This will open the browser in safe mode.

Note: If the browser launches in safe mode, proceed further here. If it does not launch, you can refer the next troubleshooting steps.

3. Now, click on the Menu icon at the top right corner and select the option Add-ons. You can directly launch it by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+A keys on your keyboard.

4. All the add-ons set disabled in the Safe Mode. Check each add-on and try to remove it.

After this, close and try opening the Firefox browser in normal mode. If it is the issue with corrupted or damaged add-ons, browser should work fine this time. If the issue remains, you can proceed with further steps.

Reset browser to fix Firefox not opening issue:

Nest step you can try when the browser not launching is resetting the browser. You can launch the browser in Safe Mode as discussed in the above step and proceed with the below steps.

  1. Click on Menu icon at the top, select Help and then click on Troubleshooting Information.

2. On the Troubleshooting Information window, click on Refresh Firefox option.

3. You will get the below prompt. Again, click on Refresh Firefox.

4. It will take some time. Once it is done, you can see the below screen.

5. On the successful reset, the browser will launch automatically and you can see the below screen.

You can start using the browser without any issues from now on. If it prompts any error or if the browser does not launch after the reset, you can try reinstalling the browser from your computer. Refer the below steps to perform the same.

Reinstall Firefox browser:

If none of the above troubleshooting steps works, you can try completely removing the Firefox browser from your computer and try reinstalling it. To perform the same, follow the below resolution steps.

  1. Press Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to open RUN window. Type appwiz.cpl and hit enter. It will open the list of installed programs on your computer.

2. Locate Mozilla Firefox, right click on it and select the option Uninstall. After this reboot your computer and proceed with the further steps.

3. Navigate to the location C:\Program Files, locate Mozilla Firefox folder. Right click on it and select the option Delete.

4. Repeat the same process in the C:\Program Files (x86) location as well.

This will completely remove the Firefox from your computer. Now, you can Download Mozilla Firefox from its Official website and install it on your computer.

I hope that the above troubleshooting steps helps you to fix the issue with Firefox not opening on your computer. If you need any further assistance, do comments below. We are happy to assist you.

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