How to configure email In Outlook

In this guide will explain you what is Microsoft Outlook, How to configure email in Outlook in Windows 10 and How Outlook email client works. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best and familiar email client for Windows computer. Outlook’s simple user interface gives more power to users to make customization including rules, contacts, mail merge, calendars and more. There are several Email clients available in the market but still Outlook has its place and unique users around the world as it is the best classic email client for Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. Learn more about Microsoft Outlook versions. You can purchase Microsoft Office – Outlook from Errorkart or simply call on +91 888 458 6666. Errorkart will directly send experts your door steps, get Outlook installed and configured for you instantly in front of you.

How Outlook Works?

As said above Microsoft Outlook is one of the familiar and simple email client. Outlook supports POP (post office protocol), IMAP (Internet message access protocol), and SMTP for sending email (Simple mail transfer protocol) Microsoft Exchange Servers, or ActiveSync configuration. Usually end users configure POP or IMAP email configuration types.

I know, now you have couple of questions on your mind about POP, IMAP, and Exchange server configuration types. No worries, I will explain all configuration methods in this article, end of the article you can decide which method or type suites for you. And configure email in Outlook.

How POP (Post Office Protocol) Works?

POP stands for post office protocol. POP type configurations download all your emails from email server to Outlook email client on your computer locally. For example: you have folders as Inbox, Sent Items, Personal Folder on your email server, when you configure POP3 configuration with Outlook, Outlook will download all emails into Inbox, it does not mirror your emails as it is from email server. When send email from Outlook client, they does not appear in your email server. All your email activity will be stored locally in Outlook, no sent items or received items updated on email server. However you have option to leave a copy of your emails in email server, so that all your emails will download a copy of your emails and one more copy of email is safe on server.

How IMAP (Internet message access protocol) Works?

IMAP stand for Internet message access protocol. Most users who roam and usually login with different computers they use IMAP configuration as IMAP configuration just mirror server emails and email folders as it is into Outlook client locally. When you login in with Outlook, you see emails along with folders exactly same as email server. When you send, receive or delete emails from Outlook, they will instantly updated on email servers. You should be very careful while working on IMAP outlook configuration.

Exchange Servers:

Exchange Server includes calendaring software, email, and a place to manage your contacts. Many small, medium, and large organizations use Exchange and some email providers have Exchange accounts for home and personal accounts. Exchange Servers configuration most commonly used in huge organization. I will not explain much about this configuration as companies who configure Exchange servers has their own settings, VPN, Firewall along with dedicated system administered to manage and configure it.

How to configure email in Outlook

Let us move to the main topic and learn Outlook configuration now. To configure email in Outlook client, you should now server settings such as incoming server name, outgoing servers name and port numbers. These settings are provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

In this guide let configure Gmail account with Outlook as Google accounts are most widely used and simple to setup.

Create Outlook Profile

  1. Click on Start button – Select Control Panel

configure email account with Outlook

2. Find and select Mail option from control panel.

configure email account with Outlook

3. Click on Add, enter the Profile name and click on OK.

configure email account with Outlook

4. Now you see the Outlook Add Account window. Click on manual setup or Additional server types – Click on Next.
5. Here I am going to configure POP and IMAP method. Click on POP or IMAP – Click Next.
6. Fill the information as requested – click on more settings.(You can click on POP3 drop down menu if you wish to configure email In Outlook as IMAP connection). Here I am going to configure POP3 type connection.

configure email account with Outlook

Note: Before you configure POP or IMAP, they should be enabled in Gmail server check below links for Outlook Port settings and email settings.
7. Leave require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) box un-checked (important!)

IMAP settings:
POP Settings;

8. Leave Test account settings by clicking the Next button box checked (recommended)
9. For Deliver new messages to: option, leave New Outlook Data File selected  (recommended)
10. Click the More Setting, button, then select the Outgoing Server tab
11. Check the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box
12. Select the Use same settings as my incoming mail server option
13. Select the Advanced tab, then enter port details as follows:
14. Incoming server (POP3): 995
15. This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL): checked
16. Outgoing server (SMTP): 587

configure email account with Outlook

17. Use the following type of encrypted connection: Auto
18. Server timeout: 5 minutes
19. Leave other settings at defaults unless you require otherwise
20. Click OK to close the More Settings… window, then click Next > on the Internet E-mail Settings screen
21. Outlook will now attempt to logon to the incoming server, then send a test message to the outgoing server
22. If Outlook is successful at both, you will see 2 green ticks, click the Close button on the Test Account Settings popup
23. You should now see the Congratulations! screen, click Finish and you’re all done
24. If Outlook was unsuccessful (1 or 2 red cross) double-check your settings and if needed, go through this guide again

Hope this guide help you to to configure email account with Outlook in your Windows 10 computer. Refer below links for further support or comment below we will help you further. Or you can visit WWW.ERRORKART.COM – Call +91 888 458 6666, will take care of it.

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