Clean install Windows 10 using USB bootable device

There are various factors letting you to clean install Windows 10 Operating System on your computer. Suppose, if the computer is not working properly or if any of the features does not work as expected, then you can think about clean installation.

Before proceeding with clean install Windows 10, you need to create a Windows 10 USB bootable device using any third-party programs like Power ISO, Rufus etc. In addition, performing the clean installation will remove all the personal data including the installed application on your computer. Before proceeding with the clean installation, we strongly recommend you to backup all your personal data to any external hard drive.

If you have purchased different software and installed on your computer, you also need to backup all your software license keys including Windows Operating system, Microsoft Office license keys. To back up all the keys at a single place, we suggest you to use Belarc Advisor.

Click on the below link to download Belarc Advisor and install on your computer.

Belarc Advisor

It will display all the license keys in a web browser. Save this page in the external hard drive, so that you can use it after the clean installation.

How to clean install Windows 10 using USB bootable device?

Connect USB bootable drive to computer. Reboot your computer now and start pressing F12 until you see boot menu or boot options. Once you see boot options, select USB drive using arrow keys and click on enter. It should initiate Windows installation.

  1. Windows files loaded from USB drive now. Verify that the language, time/currency and keyboard input fields are all correct. Click Next.

2. Next, click on Install Now.

3. It will now take you to the Windows Activation screen.

If you do not have a Windows 10 product key, or if you have previously installed and activated Windows 10 and reinstalling now, then click the option I don’t have a product key. Otherwise, enter your Windows product key and then click Next.

4. Select the Windows Version now and click on Next.

5. Check the box I accept the license terms and click on Next.

6. You will now get two options whether to Upgrade or Custom installation. You can select the Custom field to proceed with the clean installation.

7. Select the partition with the current installation of Windows (usually “Drive 0”) and click the Delete button to remove the partition from the hard drive.

8. Select the empty drive (Drive 0 Unallocated Space) and click Next to begin the installation process.

9. Windows 10 installation will start. It will copy Windows files, install features, install updates if any, and finally clean up the installation files. During the process, computer will reboot multiple times to configure the settings.

10. Once the Windows 10 core files installation is finished, installation will ask you a few basic questions about your preferences. After completing the setup, you will see desktop as below.

You can start restoring the backup data. In addition, you can install all the required application and activate it using the keys from Belarc Advisor. Your computer will work fine from now on without any issues.

I hope that, this guide helps you to clean install Windows 10 and get the computer work properly. If you need any further assistance, do comments below. We are happy to assist you.

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