CHKDSK error 0x80071AC3 – Volume is dirty

CHKDSK command refers to check disk. It can scan the hard drives for bad sectors and if any found, it will repair them. You can perform CHKDSK by selecting drive or using a command line in command prompt. Sometimes, when you perform CHKDSK of any external drive, it prompts the error 0x80071AC3 with error message Volume is dirty.

The exact error message appears as below:

An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the folder. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for the help with this problem.

Error 0x80071AC3: The operation could not be completed because the volume is dirty. Please run chkdsk and try again.

CHKDSK error 0x80071AC3 occurs due to the bad sectors and dirty volume as stated in the error message. You can refer the below resolution steps to fix the issue with the CHKDSK error.

How to fix CHKDSK error 0x80071AC3 – Volume is dirty?

Follow the below resolution steps one by one and check if the issue gets fix after each step. If the issue remains, you can proceed with the further resolution steps.

Perform CHKDSK from start-up:

When computer prompts error while performing the CHKDSK, you can try initiating the CHKDSK utility from the boot time scan. This scan will detect all the bad sectors and repair them. Follow the below steps to initiate the CHKDSK scan from startup.

  1. Click on Windows icon, search for CMD in search bar. Right click on Command Prompt and select the option Run as Administrator.

2. Type the below command in the Command Prompt and hit enter.

chkdsk /r /r

3. It prompts to schedule the scan next time when the system restarts. Enter Y and hit enter.

4. Now, exit the Command Prompt and reboot the computer. The CHKDSK scan will initiate at the startup.

5. It will take some time to scan the entire hard drive for errors and repair the corrupted files.

Once the scan is completed, the error 0x80071AC3 –Volume is dirty errors should be fixed now. If the issue persists, you can proceed with the further troubleshooting steps.

Disable ReadyBoost to fix error 0x80071AC3:

Most of the latest external USB sticks comes with an option ReadyBoost Disk Caching feature into them. ReadyBoost is the feature that improves USB flash drive performance. Sometimes, this feature also leads to the error 0x80071AC3 when trying to read or write the contents in the drive. Therefore, if the issue occurs while performing the CHKDSK on the external USB drive, you can try disabling the ReadyBoost option and check if the issue is resolved.

Follow the below steps to disable ReadyBoost option:

  1. Launch Windows Explorer by pressing Windows logo + E keys on keyboard.
  2. Locate the external USB drive causing the error, right click on it and select the option Properties.

3. Navigate to ReadyBoost tab. Enable the Do not use this device option.

4. Click on Apply and then OK.

If ReadyBoost causing this error, the issue should get fix now. Perform the CHKDSK and check if the issue got resolved.

Format affected drive to fix error 0x80071AC3:

If none of the above troubleshooting works, there is still an option to fix this issue. You can format the drive that deletes all the data stored in the drive along with the corrupted files. Therefore, a format makes the drive clean without any data in it.

To format the drive, follow the below resolution steps.

  1. Launch Windows Explorer, locate the drive. Right click on it and select the option Format.

2. Click on Restore device defaults option.

3. Then click on Start. Once prompted click on OK.

This will take a while. Once it is completed, all the data in the drive will be deleted and the issue with the error 0x80071AC3 should be fixed now.

The above troubleshooting steps helps you to fix the issue with the CHKDSK error 0x80071AC3 and allow you to scan for the bad sectors. If you need any further assistance, do comments below.

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