Best ways to install or update drivers

This guide will show you how to install or update drivers on Windows computers. As we know drivers are the main keys that explore hardware’s to make their tasks smoothly. Every hardware manufacturers has their own instructions on hardware, they are called ‘drivers’. Drivers are set of software instructions, it can be installed on computers to guides hardware to perform its work without any errors.

Every hardware has its own drivers. Whenever you connect hardware to computer, it says ‘new hardware connected’ and ask you to install its drivers to start hardware working. Usually you get a driver’s CD or DVD along with hardware package, if not you can download them from manufacturer website. In this guide let me show you, how to download drivers, from where to download drivers, how to install drivers, how to update drivers, However few hardware’s does not required drivers, they work without manufacturer drivers, they call plug and play devices, example : Keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, DVD drives etc.

How to install or update drivers in Windows 10.

Note: We suggest you create a System Restore Point, so that you can restore back your computer to previous working state if something went wrong.

Here we have list of best methods to install or update drivers in Windows computer. You can just follow below simple steps make your hardware work smoothly.

Note: Before you go ahead and install drivers, make sure you have connected the hardware part and it is detected in device manager. For example: when you connect your hardware, you may see new hardware found wizard on bottom right corner of your computer and may see hardware in device manager with yellow question mark or exclamatory mark or unknown device.

Best ways to install or update drivers Device manager hardware detected.jpg

Download drivers from manufacturer website

Installing drivers for hardware is pretty easy if you have driver installation disk with you. However I recommend you to download latest drivers from manufacturer website.

Few major hardware manufactures listed below.

IBM Gateway/eMachines
Dell Sony
Acer Microsoft
Lenovo Nvidia
Toshiba AMD
Fujitsu Realtek

Note: Install drivers from driver installation disk or manufacturer setup: Hope you got drivers DVD with hardware package or you downloaded from hardware manufacturer website. After connecting the hardware in computer. Run the setup exe or Driver DVD and follow on screen instructions to complete the driver installation. However let me show you the best alternative methods to install or update drivers in Windows 10 computers.

Method 1: Update drivers from Device manager.

In device manager you can see all detected hardware devices, through the same you can install or update drivers using installation disk or Windows update, let me show you both options here.

  1. Press Windows + R together to bring up Run command.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc press Enter, It will open Device manager window.

Best ways to install or update drivers Device manager.jpg

3. Right click on the hardware that show yellow question or exclamation mark or unknown device. Click on Uninstall device, this will remove the existing driver if it downloaded from Windows update.

Best ways to install or update drivers \Uninstall device.jpg

4. Now click on ‘Scan for hardware changes’ icon from top menu or by right click.

5. Right click on the hardware choose update driver. Here you have options as Search automatically for updated software: This options tries to download drivers from Windows data base. We usually recommend install drivers from their manufacturer website, continue with other option. Browse my computer for driver software. This option allow you brows and install drivers from installation disk or downloaded drivers on your computer.

Method 2: Install or update drivers using hardware ID.

What is Hardware ID? Every computer hardware has unique 18 digit Alfa numeric characters, it helps us to identify the model and manufacturers of the hardware. Also it helps to understand unknown devices’ model and make. Once we know the hardware make and mode, it is easy to download the drivers online.

How to get hardware ID?

  1. Press Windows key + R key together to open run command > Type devmgmt.msc and press enter > right click on the Hardware > Click on Properties > Click on Details tab > Click on Property drop down menu > Choose Hardware ID.

Best ways to install or update drivers \Hardware ID 1.jpg

2. Right click and copy hardware ID, search in Google for drivers or you can directly search for driver on below websites.

That’s it. Hope this methods help you to download, install or update drivers for unknown hardware’s on Windows 10 computer. Kindly comment or you can visit WWW.ERRORKART.COM – Call +91 888 458 6666, for further support.

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